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B2B Content Marketing: Respect, Community…and the Dollar too


Have you seen the movie Jerry Maguire?  There is this scene where Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) is greeted by his client Ron Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr): Read moreRead more


The Inside Scoop on Executive Search for B2B Marketing Professionals

What are executive search firms looking for when searching for B2B marketing leaders? Or what should you be looking for in building your B2B marketing team? Here’s the inside story… Read moreRead more
Get Content Get Customers

Get Content Get Customers

Turn Prospects into Buyers with Content Marketing

As content marketing is at the very heart of any effective B2B marketing approach, there are some interesting books on this topic to consider. One I picked up recently at the airport (a plane is a great reading place) is Get Content Get Customers from Joe Pulizzi and Newt Barrett. Read moreRead more


Looking for B2B Marketing Podcasts?

Although they have been around for ages, it has taken some time for me to really start using podcasts. I was looking for something interesting to listen to while traveling and went searching for B2B marketing related podcasts.

There are very few regular podcasts that specifically focus on B2B marketing, however many podcasts about content marketing, lead generation, SEO etc. are relevant for the B2B marketing aficionado.

 After trying out quite a number of them, here are my favorites: Read moreRead more


Make Your Service Value Explicit

 In the last edition of the leading procurement magazine CPO Agenda, it challenged its readers by stating:

“Year after year the number one priority for most buyers at all levels is ‘cost cutting’. Despite rhetoric about sophisticated sourcing it’s an issue that remains top of the agenda.  Why is this?”

In the article a number of Procurement Professionals were invited to comment on this statement. It triggered comments indicating different approaches to cost management that are essential for B2B marketers to identify and understand: Read moreRead more


3 Good Reasons to Sharpen Your B2B Marketing Accountability Now

It is fairly safe to say that most –if not all- B2B Marketers agree that it is important to measure and communicate the value marketing brings to their organizations. However from speaking with fellow B2B Marketers, many are looking to improve their marketing accountability in a practical way without getting bogged down into complex dashboards with more dials than they can shake a stick at. Here are a number of key pointers for a practical set up and why now may be the best time to further sharpen existing B2B Marketing metrics. Read moreRead more


Remarkable Outcomes in Dutch B2B Marketing Study

Research agency TNS NIPO (part of TNS which merged with Research International in 2009) has done a study early 2011 with 270 B2B marketing professionals in the Netherlands.  In includes some remarkable outcomes:

  Read moreRead more